Welcome to SUNCOOL Window Tinting in Sydney

SUNCOOL is a glass tinting service company that specialize in the installation of solar control window tinting films, safety and security films, and decorative and frosted films in Sydney, Australia.

SUNCOOL is an approved film installer for  Tinting Direct.

  • We provide a film installation service to people who buy window tinting online for their Sydney home or office and choose professional installation.

Tinting Direct is the largest direct to the public supplier of US made, energy rated, window tinting films in Australia. It imports the highest quality film from the USA and sells it direct to the public at trade price from their Brisbane warehouse .

  • Tinting Direct has an online window tinting costing system that lets people find out how much window tinting in Sydney should cost. A quote for the film cost and for film installation is emailed to you.
  • The company makes sales online – and gives customers a 15% discount (the sales commission other companies pay their sales reps) for measuring their own windows.
  • When customers require professional installation the job is referred to an approved film installer

As a long established Sydney window tinter, we found we couldn’t compete with them on film price or on film quality – so, as the saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them“. We have partnered with Tinting Direct to provide a film installation service to their customers in Sydney.

SUNCOOL Tinting is one of three approved film installation companies in Sydney that Tinting Direct may refer customers to who require professional film installation.

  •  When placing a film order online with Tinting Direct choose SUNCOOL Tinting for professional window tinting in Sydney and receive a FREE glass cleaning chamois.

All window film installed by SUNCOOL is installed to the International Standard